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Lockheed running against time for Tejas 'flight path'

Lockheed Martin was selected in June as a consultant for developing the naval version of India’s Lig...

Lockheed Martin shows interest in UAV made in India

The UAV developed by the DTU team can fly at an altitude of around 500 feet for about 60 minutes and...

Lockheed-Boeing to be immediate beneficiary of EUM agreement

Lockheed Martin and Boeing are both competitors in India's MMRCA procurement, and both U.S. defence ...

France's Dassault targets Lockheed in combat aircraft deal

India's MMRCA competition is heating up with wargames being played between Dassault Aviation and Loc...

Boeing, Lockheed win $2.78 billion deal at Abu Dhabi defence show

The two US companies have been able to sell 15 aircraft to UAE, which include a mix of C-17s and C-1...

Lockheed Martin receives $80 Million US Army contract for ATACMS

ATACMS is a combat-proven, lethal asset in the War on Terror....

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