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Lockheed Martin tests target missile for US Air Force

US' Patriot-2 missile system. A file photo.

HUNTSVILLE (BNS): US defence major Lockheed Martin has announced the successful launch of a target missile for the ATM-48 intercept test of the US Army’s Patriot Advanced Capability-2 air defense system.

Under the Missile Defense Agency’s Targets and Countermeasures Programme in cooperation with the US Air Force, a Lockheed Martin-led team launched the short-range, reusable rocket from Fort Wingate, New Mexico on October 10.

The prototype, unpiloted craft is designed to showcase proprietary advanced launch technologies.

The latest test is the third in a series. Similar flights were launched in December 2007 and August 2008 – although the second flight suffered an in-flight anomaly, causing loss of the craft, reported.

The purpose of such test flights is to take a look at tackling the ground and launch operations for responsive space needs like advancing leaner, less-costly, and more rapid launch-to-space capabilities.

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