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Vandenberg AFB launches Atlas V rocket

Vandenberg AFB launched an Atlas V rocket from Space Launch Complex-3. Photo: US Air Force

VANDENBERG, AFB (BNS): Vandenberg Air Force base has successfully launched an Alliance Atlas V rocket from its Space Launch Complex-3, California.

The rocket lifted off at 4:03 am GMT on Monday, carrying a national security payload for the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO).

The launch has marked the 604th overall Atlas mission in US history.

"This is a proud moment for United Launch Alliance knowing this launch is providing our brave men and women fighting for our nation the space assets they need to defend America," Jim Sponnick, ULA vice president, Mission Operations, said in a statement.

This mission was launched aboard an Atlas V 501 using a 5.4-meter diameter, 77 foot long, Ruag composite payload fairing. The rocket was powered by a single common core booster using the RD AMROSS RD-180 engine and a Centaur upper stage using a single Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne RL-10A engine.


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