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US Air Force receives first C-5M Super Galaxy aircraft

The C-5M Super Galaxy is a refurbished version of the original C-5 airlifter.

MARIETTA (BNS): The US Air Force has received its first C-5M Super Galaxy strategic airlifter from Lockheed Martin.

The new heavy military transport aircraft, which is the refurbished version of its predecessor C-5, incorporates more than 70 changes and upgrades, thereby greatly improving its reliability, efficiency, maintainability and availability.

The aircraft is powered by four GE Aviation-made CF6-80C2 engines. It also features a modern cockpit with a digital, all-weather flight control system and autopilot, a new communications suite, flat-panel displays and enhanced navigation and safety equipment. The aircraft also sports a newly painted tail flash and nose art.

The payload capacity of the new airlifter is 300 tons and it can climb to 34,000 feet in 18 minutes.

The aircraft, delivered to the USAF in September 30, will be stationed at the Dover Air Force Base in Delaware.

Lockheed Martin has been entrusted with the task of modernising a total of 52 C-5 aircraft through the Reliability Enhancement and Re-Engining Program (RERP).


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