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Russian space services rising with new opportunities

MOSCOW (BNS): Russia is all set to increase its share in international space services next year as US is cutting down the extra cost spent on its space shuttle programmes , Energiya Aerospace Corporation president said to Russian media.

"Planning for decades ahead will make it possible for our space industry to look into the future with wide open eyes," Itar Tass quoted Vitaly Lopota, the President of Energiya Aerospace Corporation as saying.

USD 300 billion is estimated for the Russian total annual volume at the global market of the space services, Vitaly Lopota answered the parliamentary hearing in the State Duma
According to the website, “Duma is working out the concept of a bill on the integral information support to Russia's transport system,” MP Sergei Shishkaryov chairman of the Duma's committee for transport said.

"This law is due to lay the groundwork for producing and utilising the intellectual components of transportation systems," he added.

Vitaly Davydov, a deputy director of the Russian Space Agency /Roskosmos/ said, "It's impossible to maintain Russia's national security without a full use of our space potentials," It said.

Russian space technologies are leading in its area and they will be soon on the top of the internationals standards.

"In spite of the existing technical difficulties, the results of our activity in space in the outgoing year were encouraging, and in addition to it, international cooperation in space is growing, too," Davydov added.

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