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Pakistan to get 100 air-to-surface missiles from Brazil

File photo of Brazilian Defence Minister Nelson Jobim.

ISLAMABAD (PTI): Brazil has approved the sale of 100 air-to-surface missiles to Pakistan, which are capable of destroying enemy radar facilities.

The MAR-1 medium-range missiles manufactured by the Brazilian firm, Mectron, are anti-radiation weapons whose existence was kept under wraps due to the sensitive nature of the tactical weapon, Jane's Information Group said on its website on Wednesday.

The missile has been developed by Mectron and the Air Force's Aerospace Technical Centre (CTA), it said.

Media reports from Brasilia, quoting the country's Defence Minister Nelson Jobim, said the deal was signed in April this year and was worth $108 million.

Jobim dismissed suggestions that the deal might run into trouble in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, which India says were launched by elements within Pakistan.

"Brazil negotiates with Pakistan, not with Pakistani terrorists," Jobim was quoted as saying by AFP. "To cancel this deal would be to attribute terrorist activities to the Pakistani government," he said.

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