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Pak Navy tests surface-to-air missile

The Navy had, last week, test fired an array of missiles from the Arabian Sea.

KARACHI (BNS): After showing its firepower by testing a host of missiles in the Arabian Sea last week, Pakistan has test fired another missile.

The surface-to-air missile was test fired from Pak Navy’s guided missile destroyer on Tuesday “which scored a direct hit,” the official news agency Associated Press of Pakistan said quoting a Navy press release.

The Navy termed its anti-air warfare capability as another manifestation of its offensive punch.

The state-of-the-art, fully automated missile is capable of intercepting targets at very high speeds, the statement said.

The Navy had, over the weekend, test launched an array of missiles and torpedoes from warships, submarines and aircraft in an intensive firepower drill in the North Arabian Sea.

Newly inducted weapon systems, including anti-surface missiles on Chinese-made F-22 P frigates and air-to-surface missiles of P3C maritime surveillance aircraft, were among those tested.

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