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No increase in Chinese incursions, Army chief

A file photo of Army Chief Gen Deepak Kapoor.

CHENNAI (PTI): Seeking to downplay reports of Chinese incursions into Indian territory, Army Chief Gen Deepak Kapoor said there was no increase in the number of such incidents as compared to last year.

"There is no cause for worry or concern", Gen Kapoor told reporters on Saturday, noting that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had made a statement on Chinese incursions.

"The Prime Minister has made a statement that there has not been any more incursions or transgressions as compared to last year. They are almost at the same level," he said on Friday, asking the media not to over hype the matter.

Singh appeared to play down reports of Chinese incursions and said he was in touch with the highest levels in China.

Kapoor also said that the Army was responding "suitably" to ceasefire violations by Pakistan.

On attempts by militants to infiltrate into Jammu and Kashmir, he said such attempts would be made before winter.

Kapoor said the Army was, however, "well deployed" to meet any such threats.

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