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NASA again postpones Discovery launch

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WASHINGTON (BNS): The US space agency NASA has again postponed the launch of space shuttle Discovery until Wednesday.

Initially, the spacecraft was scheduled to launch on Monday, November 1, but it was delayed by a day due to the leaks discovered in its pressurisation system.

According to space agency NASA, the take-off is now rescheduled at 1952 GMT on Wednesday from the Kennedy Space Centre, Florida.

“This morning the launch team is confident that repairs to quick-disconnect fittings in the system used to pressurize space shuttle Discovery’s right Orbital Maneuvering System rocket engine will allow the shuttle to launch Wednesday, November 3, Test Director Jeff Spaulding, said in a NASA release Saturday.

"Right now we're in a good path to get there," Spaulding added.

Discovery is going to the International Space Station on mission STS-133. It will attach the Permanent Multipurpose Module, packed with supplies, equipment experiments and Robonaut 2, to the station.

The crew of six astronauts will conduct two spacewalks during the 11-day mission.


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