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Lockheed receives $44 million Marine Corps contract

Target Sight System provides maximum weapons range for enhanced platform survivability and mission performance. A Lockheed Martin photo

ORLANDO (BNS): The Naval Surface Warfare Center has awarded Lockheed Martin a $44 million follow-on production contract for the Target Sight System (TSS), the fire control system for the US Marine Corps’ AH-1Z Cobra.

“I am confident that TSS is exactly the system our Cobra pilots need to put warheads on target,” said Col. Harry Hewson, US Marine Corps Program Manager.

The TSS integrates state-of-the-art sensors, providing Cobra pilots with enhanced capabilities to acquire track and designate targets.

The system provides superior imagery through a highly-stabilized sensor suite specifically tailored to the AH-1Z platform, Lockheed said in a statement.

The suite includes a laser designator, color TV and a third-generation, mid-wave, forward-looking infrared sensor with advanced image processing.

The agreement authorizes production of 18 additional units. Lockheed Martin received the initial TSS production contract for 16 units in March 2008 and delivered the first unit in June 2009.


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