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Lockheed conducts outdoor flight test of laser powered UAS

Stalker Unmanned Aerial System (UAS). A Lockheed Martin photo.

PALMDALE, CALIFORNIA (BNS): Lockheed Martin and LaserMotive, Inc., have completed a series of flight tests of the Stalker Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) to further validate the performance of an innovative laser power system.

Stalker is a small, silent UAS used by Special Operations Forces since 2006 to perform intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions.

In a recent wind tunnel test, the UAS demonstrated 48 hours of continuous flight powered by an innovative laser system, Lockheed said.

For the demonstration, the Stalker was fitted with a lightweight photovoltaic receiver and on-board power management hardware. The ground-based laser transmitter was based on LaserMotive's hardware developed for its winning entry in the 2009 NASA Centennial Challenge.

According to Lockheed, the test met all operational and safety requirements, including coordination with the Laser Clearinghouse and flight operations. The tests took place in a remote desert location.


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