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Iran unveils smart laser-guided projectile

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TEHRAN (BNS): Iran's Defence Industries Organization has unveiled a domestically developed smart laser-guided projectile named 'Basir.'

The projectile designed to destroy tanks, military vehicles, bridges, and other moving or non-moving targets with high precision was unveiled in a ceremony on Monday, a Press TV report said.

Defence Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi said, the projectile has a range of 20 km and is very useful in mountainous areas. It is also capable of identifying and locating targets.

"This ammunition is guided by laser and has been designed and manufactured by Defence Industries Organization's capable and competent experts for the first time in the country," The Tehran Times quoted him as saying.

The report quoting the Minister said, Iran is currently the world's fifth country capable of producing smart weapons using indigenous technology.

Tehran has maintained that its defence doctrine is merely based on deterrence and its military might poses no threat to other countries.


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