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Iran test fires indigenous air defence systems

Iran's mid-range missile defence system 'Mersad'. A file photo

TEHRAN (BNS): Iran has successfully test-fired two indigenously-built air defence missile systems over the weekend as it marks the National Army Day on Monday, official media reports said.

The country test launched its latest air defence missile system, Sayyad-2 (Hunter II), on Saturday.

“The Sayyad 2 air-defence system which has passed the tests in recent days is scheduled to be unveiled in the near future,” the Fars news agency reported quoting defence officials.

An upgraded version of the Sayyad 1 surface to air missile system, the Sayyad 2 has higher range, precision and destruction power. The weapon is comprised of two-stage missiles that can target all kinds of aircraft, including bombers, at medium and high altitudes, Press TV said.

Iran’s second test launch involved the mid-range anti-aircraft system, ‘Mersad’, which is capable of destroying advanced airplanes in low and mid altitudes.

The weapon system was test fired from an air defence base in the northern province of Semnan.

The Mersad system fired two Shahin missiles that hit their designated targets, the commander of the Khatam al-Anbiya Air Defence Base, General Farzad Esmaili, was quoted as saying by the official IRNA news agency on Sunday.

The Mersad (Ambush) system, which is Iran's first advanced air defence system based on the US MIM-23 Hawk, is capable of hitting targets up to 150 kilometers away.

Iran had announced the development of this advanced air defence system in April 2010.


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