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Indian Army formulates requirements for FMBT

Prototype of Arjun MK2

NEW DELHI (PTI): The government Monday said the Army has formulated its requirements for a Future Main Battle Tank, which is likely to be developed by the year 2020.

"Preliminary Staff Qualitative Requirement of Future Main Battle Tank has been formulated by the Army...It is likely to be developed by the year 2020," Defence Minister A K Antony told Lok Sabha in reply to a written query.

For its future warfare requirements, the Army wants its futuristic tank to be lighter and more capable than that of the present ones in its inventory such as the T-90, Arjun and the T-72 tanks, he said.

The Indian Army has over 3,000 tanks in its fleet, which includes a majority of Russian-origin T-72 and T-55, which are likely to be replaced in the near future.


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