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INS Tanin submarine joins Israeli Navy

The new Tanin (Crocodile) submarine en route to Israel from Germany. Photo: Israel Defence Forces.

JERUSALEM (BNS): Israel's powerful INS Tanin (Crocodile) submarine is on its way from Germany to the port of Haifa.

The new INS Tanin submarine, built in Germany, will equip the IDF with unprecedented capabilities at sea.

The INS Tanin, one of the world's most advanced submarines, will soon join the navy's elite Shayetet 7 fleet on Israeli shores.

The submarine will allow IDF forces to confront a broader range of challenges at sea.

"The submarine will allow Israeli naval forces to travel further and deeper (underwater) for longer periods of time and to achieve a level of strength we have not seen until today," Israel Navy Commander Major General Ram Rothberg was quoted as saying in the IDF news report.

The INS Tanin is part of Israel's Dolphin-Class submarines. They are silent, sophisticated and tremendously powerful.


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