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IAF to hold its biggest ever wargame 'Operation Livewire'

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NEW DELHI (PTI): The Indian Air Force will hold its biggest ever wargame by deploying all its frontline aircraft, including the Su-30MKI, Jaguar, Mirage 2000 and AWACS, at its exercise codenamed 'Operation Livewire'.

The aerial exercise will be held between March 24 and April 15 and will involve the assets of IAF's main operational formations including the Delhi-based Western Command and Gandhinagar-based South Western Command, IAF officials said here.

The exercise is aimed at proving IAF's warfighting concepts under a networked atmosphere, they said.

During the wargame, the IAF will practice for fighting both conventional and non-conventional warfare which would including manoeuvres to carry out surgical strikes, they said.

The IAF will also deploy its latest acquisition C-130 Super Hercules for the wargames along with the AWACS.

The AWACS will control the air operations of all the fighter aircraft in the exercise.

The IAF is presently busy carrying out the Exercise MahaGujRaj with the Army over the western desert. The Army is holding the exercise Sudarashan Shakti where it will be supported by strike elements of the IAF.

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