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'BRAHMOS missile for all three wings of Indian military'

BRAHMOS supersonic cruise missile system. A file photo.

NEW DELHI (BNS): BRAHMOS supersonic cruise missile has been developed initially as anti-ship version for launch from ship to ship for the Indian Navy and inducted in Service, said Indian Defence Minister Shri AK Antony to the parliament.

Later, land to land version has been developed for the Indian Army and Indian Air Force. This version has been inducted in the Army and is under production for Army and Air Force, AK Antony added, in his written reply to Shri Pradeep Majhi and Shri Kishnbhai V. Patel in Lok Sabha on Monday.

Test also has been carried out from ship to land target. Coastal battery from Mobile Complex on land to ship is also available for the Indian Navy.

Air-version of the missile is being developed for Su-30MKI for Indian Air Force.

Some parts of the missile components, airframes and air borne launcher are currently being produced in Thiruvananthapuram complex of BrahMos Aerospace.

Multiple industries of India are partners to provide components for the missile and ground systems.


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