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German Army receives upgraded Tiger attack helo

The Tiger attack helicopter. An Airbus Helicopter photo by Charles Abarr

DONAUWORTH, GERMANY (BNS): The German Army has received the last of 12 Tiger attack helicopters upgraded to ASGARD (Afghanistan Stabilisation German Army Rapid Deployment) configuration to carry out support missions in Afghanistan.

The modified rotorcraft was handed over during a ceremony at Airbus Helicopters' Donauwörth, Germany production facility on March 6, the company said.

The new chopper will join the Army's 36 Combat Helicopter Regiment at Fritzlar.

It completed the three batches of four Tiger UHT support helicopters modified to the ASGARD configuration through a programme launched in late 2011 by Airbus Helicopters and the German Federal Ministry of Defence.

The ASGARD conversion includes installation of engine sand filters and additional ballistic protection, along with the incorporation of a mission data recorder and enhanced communication equipment for multinational missions, Airbus Helicopter (erstwhile Eurocopter) said.

The German Armed Forces began deploying its initial Tiger UHTs modified to the ASGARD configuration in December 2012, with operations beginning a month later in Mazar-e-Scharif.

The rotorcraft is designed to support ground troops, protect convoys and perform reconnaissance operations.

The Germany Army has ordered a total of 40 Tiger attack helicopters from Airbus.


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