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China successfully tests new laser device

BEIJING (PTI): China has successfully tested world's first deep ultraviolet (DUV) solid-state laser device which can be used to enhance the production of grapheme, superconductors, insulators and catalysis.

Chen Chuangtian, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) member, joined hands with Xu Zuyuan, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and turned to the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology for help to develop this breakthrough technology, state run reported.

CAS President Bai Chunli said the success embodies the academy's "dedication to major innovation and breakthrough in seeking development".

The device marks the world's first-ever output of 1,064-nanometer's 6-harmonic frequency multiplication, shortening the diode-pumped solid-state laser (DPL)'s wavelength to 177.3nm, the report said.


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