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Brazilian C295 fleet reaches 25.000 flight hours

C295 Aircraft. Photo: Airbus Military

BRASILIA (BNS): The Brazilian C295 fleet, consisting of twelve Airbus Military aircraft, has reached 25.000 flight hours after six years of successful operation in Amazonia and Mato Grosso.

These aircraft are working in particularly difficult environments, carrying out operations like the transport of basic necessities, medical evacuation and military missions, from the bases of Manaus, in Amazonia- and Campo Grande, in Mato Grosso- with the support of the maintenance center PAMA Sao Paulo.

The C295 aircraft,  called C-105 Amazonas entered service with by the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) in 2007. The contract between the Brazilian Air Force and Airbus Military was signed in 2005. The contract also included maintenance for five years, which was extended in 2010 for another five years.

In addition to this successful operation, in September Airbus Military also received the acceptance from the Brazilian Air Force of the Full Flight Simulator for the C295 in the Air Base of Manaus (BAMN facility), with only one administrative procedure left before full delivery.

This Full flight Simulator is part of the contract for the purchase of the 12 C295 aircraft and will allow the Brazilian Air Force a full and complete autonomy in the training for its crew.

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