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Brazil to launch indigenous rocket by 2014

Brazilian Space Agency (AEB) developing VLS-1 rocket.

NEW DELHI (BNS): Brazilian Space Agency (AEB) plans to launch its own rocket to place satellites in orbit by 2014.

The Brazilian rocket will be revamped from its main satellite launch vehicle project, VLS.

“From 2003 up to now there has been a major revision of the design of the VLS,” Director of space policy and strategic investments of AEB, Himilcon Carvalho, says in an official news release.

The agency has scheduled the first test launch of the VLS-1 rocket (triggered with first two stages of the propellant) by 2012, and the fully loaded rocket is expected to blast by 2013.

“In 2014 we will be able to put a satellite into orbit,” he added.

The project was seized in 2003 after a rocket explosion in Alcantara Launch Center, killing 21 people.

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