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Brahmos Mark-II bang on target

Brahmos Mark-II launch on Sunday. A DRDO photo

NEW DELHI (BNS): Brahmos Block-II, the latest version of India’s supersonic cruise missile, hit the bull’s eye at the Pokhran firing range Sunday morning. This was the third test of the Block-II missile, meant for the Indian Army, in the past few weeks.

“Land attack version of BRAHMOS block-II was tested from a Mobile Autonomous Launcher at Pokhran test range by the Indian army officers. The missile took off successfully at 11.15 am and hit the desired target at bull’s eye meeting all mission parameters,” the Defence Research and Development Organisation said in a statement here.

The launch was witnessed by several senior Indian Army officer and Dr A Sivathanu Pillai, CEO & MD Brahmos corporation.

“This is the third launch in series for the Block-II version for the Indian Army. With this launch the requirement of army for the Land attack version with Block-II advanced seeker software with target discriminating capabilities has been fully met and this version is ready for induction,” the DRDO said.

The military research agency explained that the new capability will “provide an enhanced capability to the user for selection of a particular land target amongst group of targets.” With this success Brahmos has become “the only supersonic cruise missile possessing this advanced capability in the World providing an edge to the user with precise hit. The Indian Army is the first army in the World to have a regiment of supersonic cruise missile with advanced capabilities,” DRDO said.

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