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The journey of BrahMos Aerospace started on 12th February 1998 after the landmark signing of an Inter-Government Agreement (IGA) between the India and the Russian Federation. The collaboration was made possible by sharing technological strength of both partners - DRDO and NPOM.

The aim of the partnership was to design, develop, manufacture and market world's leading supersonic cruise missile system - BRAHMOS. The supersonic cruise missile has undergone a number of successful test trials, meeting requirements of its potential users.

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BRAHMOS Air Launched Weapon System

BrahMos has successfully demonstrated the integration of world's most formidable supersonic cruise missile system BRAHMOS on Su-30MKI frontline strike fighter of the Indian Air Force (IAF). The SU-30 MKI has a maximum speed of 2 Mach with a single in-flight range of 5,200 km. Integration of BrahMos on the Su-30 is already completed.

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Land-Based Weapon Complex System

BRAHMOS is a formidable weapon system with its unmatched speed, precision and devastating power. BRAHMOS Land based Weapon Complex comprises of four to six Mobile Autonomous Launchers (MAL) controlled by a Mobile Command Post (MCP), and a Mobile Replenishment Vehicle. Recently an advanced version of BRAHMOS land-attack supersonic cruise missile system has been successfully test fired on the 27th of May 2016 at 1200 hrs in the Western Sector by the Indian Air Force (IAF).
The unique BRAHMOS weapon system on numerous occasions has established its supremacy in the World of supersonic cruise missiles.

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Ship-Based Weapon Complex System

BRAHMOS is the leading supersonic cruise missile capable of hitting sea based targets beyond radar horizons. The missile with pinpoint accuracy can be launched as far as 290-km from the target. The BRAHMOS missile has successfully demonstrated its speed, precision and power a number of times from Naval ships. The recent launch in the inclined configuration in sea-to-land mode was carried out from sea to a designated target built on an isolated island at Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It precisely hit the target, thus demonstrating its capabilities.