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iRobot receives $14.1 million order from US Navy

iRobot Corp has received a $14.1 million order from the Naval Sea Systems Command....

US Army awards contract to iRobot for SUGVs

The 310 SUGV collects situational awareness in perilous conditions while keeping the soldiers away f...

US Navy awards iRobot $230 million contract

Robotic technology-based solutions company, iRobot, has received a $230 million contract from the Na...

iRobot gets $7.6 million SUGV order from US Army

iRobot Corp. has received a $7.6 million order from the US Army Contracting Command-Warren for 50 of...

Boeing, iROBOT receives $3.84 mln SUGV contract from USAF

Small Unmanned Ground Vehicles (SUGV) is designed to give war-fighters, a real-time awareness of cri...

Boeing-iRobot team receives new SUGV task order

The US army has placed a new order with Boeing and partner iRobot Corp. for 94 new model 310 SUGV ro...

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