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Delta II blasts-off with Italian Earth observation satellite

Blasting off from Space Launch Complex 2, it marked the fifth successful Delta II vehicle launch pro...

"Time to revitalize US space programme"

US Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama called for revitalizing American sp...

Outer space smells like 'fried steak & hot metal'

British chemist is recreating the smell of space in a laboratory for hands on training experience to...

Canadian astronomer 'accidentally' discovers new Comet

Comet Cardinal, named after its discoverer has a very unusual orbit compared to the normal Solar Sys...

Indian Air Force talks of 'metamorphosis' within a decade

IAF chief lists massive modernization in seven to ten years, outlining the force's shopping spree an...

Indian Air Force to achieve total network centricity soon

The Indian Air Force will soon achieve total network centricity by linking ground, air and space ass...

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