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Boeing, SAAB unveil new aircraft for USAF's T-X trainer competition

US defence major Boeing and its Swedish partner SAAB have unveiled a newly-designed aircraft for the...

President Xi Jinping takes over as "Commander in Chief" of China's military

Emerging as China's all powerful leader after 'Chairman' Mao Zedong, President Xi Jinping has furthe...

US military to test new hypersonic aircraft X-51A 'WaveRider'

US military is ready to test a radical new hypersonic aircraft that can reach a speed of 4,500 mph w...

NASA to test inflatable heat shield on July 21

The IRVE-3 test is designed to demonstrate lightweight, yet strong, inflatable structures that could...

Eurocopter to debut X3 and EC175 helicopters at Paris Air Show

The X3 Hybrid demonstrator and EC175 will make public flight debut at the 2011 Paris Air Show....

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