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Discovery to fly with permanent space module to ISS

The Italian-made Leonardo multi-purpose logistics module is being converted into a permanent multipu...

NASA's Kepler spacecraft discovers first planetary system

Scientists have observed the discovery for seven months and have surveyed more than 156,000 stars as...

Space tourism sector a good opportunity for insurance firms

To date, most individuals have been astronauts, military personnel and scientists who have been exte...

BSX-2010 draws curtain

The four-day exhibition dedicated to space, satellites and related technology has successfully concl...

Forming syndicate key to risk management for space ventures

Forming syndicate key to risk management for space ventures

World Space-Biz concludes at BSX-2010

The exhibition provides a venue for players in the international space sector to discuss issues on a...

'India, Arianespace have good working relationship'

Arianespace has a long-established partnership with India – which includes 13 satellites orbit...

India to host international space science conference in 2012

The 39th edition of Scientific Assembly of Committee on Space Research (COSPAR) will be hosted by In...

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