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Thailand, China to develop multiple rocket launchers

Thailand and China have agreed to jointly develop multiple rocket launchers with a guidance system a...

Indian Army's Pinaka system test fired

The multi barrel rocket launcher system, which can neutralise a large area with a rapid salvo of roc...

Europe prepares new technologies for future rocket launchers

Texus 48 was lifted off at 10:10 GMT from the Esrange Space Centre near Kiruna in northern Sweden on...

Sagem delivers Sigma 30 for Pinaka rocket launchers

The Sigma 30 artillery navigation and pointing systems will be used in the first two regiments of th...

Russia to deliver 18 more Smerch rocket launchers to India

The two countries inked a pact on the delivery of 18 additional Smerch multiple rocket launch system...

India's multi-barrel rocket launcher Pinaka successfully tested

Pinaka is an area weapon system aimed at supplementing the existing artillery gun at a range beyond ...

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