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India's Resourcesat-2 satellite begins transmitting images

ISRO has received the first high resolution images from the latest remote sensing satellite it had l...

Resourcesat-2, Youthsat, X-Sat functioning satisfactorily: ISRO

In its 17th consecutive successful flight, PSLV-C16 injected Resourcesat-2, Youthsat and X-sat (of N...

ISRO to launch PSLV-C16 carrying three satellites on April 20

Preparations are on for launching PSLV-C16/ RESOURCESAT-2, YOUTHSAT and X-SAT satellites....

ISRO to launch Resourcesat-2 satellite in January

The PSLV-C16 rocket, with six strap-on boosters, will launch three satellites – India’s Resourcesat-...

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