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Sun, planets 'formed differently than thought'

The data revealed differences between the sun and planets in oxygen and nitrogen, which are two of t...

Cassini finds oxygen on Saturnís moon Rhea

This is the first time a spacecraft has directly captured molecules of an oxygen atmosphere Ė albeit...

Saturn system moves oxygen from Enceladus to Titan

Complex interactions between Saturn and its satellites have led scientists using NASA's Cassini spac...

India's ATV-D01 rocket to use atmospheric oxygen as fuel

The new rocket will drastically reduce the cost of launch vehicles as scramjet engines use oxygen in...

Two Earth-sized bodies with oxygen rich atmospheres found!

Astrophysicists say the two Earth-sized bodies discovered with oxygen rich atmospheres are actually ...

Oxygen leaking from Earth's atmosphere: Study

At present, the escape of oxygen is nothing to worry about. Compared to the Earth's stock of the lif...

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