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Announcement coming soon on 'Hava' rocket testing facility: ISRO Chief

ISRO is developing a new hypersonic air breathing vehicle 'HAVA' and there will be an announcement s...

Gaganyaan: ISRO successfully completes human-rated engine test campaign

The Indian space agency has completed the final long-duration hot test of human-rated L110-G Vikas e...

ISRO successfully carries out key test of its heaviest rocket's engine

The flight acceptance hot test of CE-20 engine has been successfully carried out in the High Altitud...

ISRO successfully tests hybrid motor, eyes new propulsion system for rockets

The Indian Space Research Organisation has successfully tested a 30 kN hybrid motor, potentially pav...

ISRO conducts hot test of Gaganyaan Service Module Propulsion System

The Indian space agency has successfully conducted the first hot test of the System Demonstration Mo...

Navy to name 7th frigate in P17A series as 'Mahendragiri'

The Navy has planned to name the seventh ship in the P17A frigate series as 'Mahendragiri', senior o...

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