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Korean Air orders two more A380s

Korean Air places orders for two more double-deck A380 aircraft taking the total number to 10...

Report says N Korea preparing to test-fire long-range missile

Yonhap news agency reports that the US and South Korean intelligence agencies have recently spotted ...

Japan to launch Korea Multipurpose Satellite-3

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd to launch the Korea Multipurpose Satellite-3 in March 2012

S Korea joins in search for extraterrestrial intelligence

Gwacheon National Science Museumís brand new 7.2-meter telescope will join the search for signs of e...

S Korea to participate in building world's largest telescope

The Great Magellan Telescope Project will be able to produce 10 times sharper images than NASAís Hub...

Arianespace to launch Koreasat 6 in 2010

An Ariane 5 or Soyuz rocket, launched from the Guiana Space Centre, would place Koreasat 6 into geos...

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