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Shuttle Endeavour set to liftoff on Friday

All preparations for the lift off space shuttle Endeavour to install new crew equipment are progress...

Endeavour on crew expansion and repair mission

STS-126 lifts off to space station on a mission to expand the living space and to house six crew mem...

Endeavour crew completes dress rehearsal for next Space Station launch

Completing three days of intense training at NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre, STS-126 crew returned to H...

Shuttle Endeavour moves to Launch Pad 39B

For the first time after 2001, two shuttles are on the launch pads at the same time at NASA's Kenned...

NASA postpones Atlantis and Endeavour launch

NASA has rescheduled the dates of the launch of Shuttle Atlantis STS-125 and Shuttle Endeavour STS-1...

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