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HMS Dragon arrives at home port

The UK Navy’s new Type 45 destroyer has arrived at the Portsmouth Naval Base and prepares to undergo...

'Dragon' destroyer ready for UK's Royal Navy

‘Dragon’ the fourth Type 45 anti-air warfare destroyer will be formally handed over to the Royal Nav...

Dragon, Cygnus: New dawn in space freighter programme

The new space capsules, Dragon and Cygnus, are set to supplement unmanned cargo missions to the Inte...

SpaceX to launch Dragon demo flight in November

The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will launch the first active Dragon spacecraft, called Dragon C1 to demon...

Spitzer captures dragon-shaped cloud of dust

NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope infrared image has revealed that the dragon-shaped creature, a dark c...

China: The Rising Dragon

China's military capability has taken a "quantum leap" as show-cased in the 60th National ...

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