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Russia asks US to explain missile deployment in Poland

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Moscow expects an explanation on the deployment of US Pa...

Indian Navy warships on eastward deployment

India has sent four of its warships on eastward deployment for over a month to countries such as Aus...

Japan defers Patriot missile deployment plan

The government puts off a plan to deploy the Patriot Advanced Capacity-3 surface-to-air missile syst...

Army plans to acquire light tanks for deployment on China border

Indian Army will deploy light tanks at China border for the high altitude regions, as heavy tanks ca...

Sukhoi deployment in Tezpur hit by inadequate infrastructure

Sukhoi fighter aircraft in Tezpur have been badly hit due to poor infrastructure at the front line a...

Russia 'halts' missile deployment

A change in the US attitude has prompted the latest decision, Interfax reported...

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