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Space Debris: a growing threat for astronauts, satellites

Unlike junk on Earth, the junk in space circles the Earth for years and years until it slams into so...

Discovery, Station reoriented to dodge debris

For the second time, NASA has asked the astronauts to stay clear from the approaching space debris, ...

Space station safe from Cosmos 1275 debris: NASA

NASA gave an all-clear signal, stating that there was no threat from orbiting satellite debris and a...

UN asks nations to implement space debris guidelines

On Tuesday last, a defunct Russian satellite and US satellite, Iridium 33, collided at an altitude o...

Roscosmos to pay damages to Siberian for rocket debris fall

The Russian space agency is compensating 100,000 rubles to a Siberian shepherd after a rocket fragme...

Space debris! ISS avoids collision

The International Space Station avoided a collision with a space debris on Thursday, almost five yea...

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