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European cargo craft heads to International Space Station

An Ariane 5 rocket, carrying the 20-tonne ATV-3 spaceship on a supply and servicing mission, has mad...

Ariane 5 gets go ahead to launch European cargo craft to ISS

European workhorse rocket Ariane 5 has been cleared to launch the third automated transfer vehicle (...

Russia grounds Soyuz rockets after space cargo craft crash

A decision has been taken to halt the launch of Soyuz carrier rockets until the reasons for the acci...

Soyuz to launch Progress cargo craft on Wednesday

The Russian carrier rocket with the Progress M-06M space freighter will be launched on a supply miss...

Russian cargo craft bids adieu to Space Station

Progress 29’s departure clears the port for the October 14 arrival of the Soyuz TMA-13 spacecr...

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