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Reconnaissance Orbiter captures climatic cycles of ancient Mars

The telescopic camera of the Orbiter finds climatic cycles of the Red Planet, researchers report fir...

Tight security at Delhi International Airport following firing scare

Security at the Indira Gandhi International Airport beefed up after passengers claim to have heard t...

Court asks Indian Airlines to pay compensation to Kandahar hijack victims

Delhi consumer court orders the airline to pay Rs 1 lakh as damages to Kandahar hijack victims

Hubble repair mission rescheduled for May 2009

NASA sets May 12, 2009 as the launch date for space shuttle Atlantis' STS-125 mission to repair the ...

Bangkok airport loses million dollars in shut down

One of world's busiest airports reports losses worth over million dollars after anti-government prot...

Indian airports on high alert, IAF braces for aerial terror attack

Security beefed up at airports following reports of Pakistan or Afghan terrorists striking the count...

Indian Prime Minister once again applauds Chandrayaan team

‘Scientists source of inspiration’, says Mamohan Singh while appreciating their work for the country...

Indian Defence Minister warns of air-borne terror threats, calls for alert

AK Antony asks the forces, particularly the IAF, to be prepared to counter threat from terrorists an...

Pakistan to get 100 air-to-surface missiles from Brazil

The MAR-1 medium-range missiles are capable of destroying enemy radars...

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