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Spacemen "flew blind" from ISS after sensors failed

The three crew members of the International Space Station, who recently returned to Earth, endured a...

US Navy contracts Northrop for Advanced Threat Warning Sensors

The US Navy has awarded Northrop an early operational production contract to deliver Advanced Threat...

Astrium to built Sentinel 4 sensors for MTG satellites

European Space Agency has awarded a 150 million Euro contract to Astrium to build two Sentinel-4 sen...

Cassidian sensors to protect Korean Army helicopters

The European company, under a multi-million euro contract, will provide AN/AAR-60 Missile Launch Det...

BAE to provide laser warning sensors to protect US military aircraft

Under a $17.7 million contract, BAE will provide the sensors for the AAR-47 Missile Approach Warning...

India to set up radar sensors along coastlines

The chain of radar sensors along the entire 7517-km coastline, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and L...

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