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US space shuttle Endeavour heads to museum

Endeavour will arrive in Los Angeles on Friday and in mid-October it will be transported very slowly...

Historic battleship becoming naval museum

On May 1, ownership of the Iowa was officially transferred from the US Navy to the Pacific Battleshi...

Space shuttle Discovery ready for voyage to museum

The oldest of NASA's retired space shuttle fleet will leave its home at Kennedy Space Centre for the...

Kalam to inaugurate space science museum

The initiative of ISRO's Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre is mainly to kindle a scientific interest amon...

NASA's Space shuttles will soon be museum pieces

The end of the US space shuttle programme brings the start of a new chapter for the remaining orbite...

NASA to reveal new museum for retiring space shuttles

The US shuttle programme is set to close for good later this year, after the final missions by Endea...

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