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Wideband Global SATCOM Satellite - 4 ready for liftoff

WGS-4 is shown undergoing containerization in preparation for leaving the Boeing El Segundo factory to travel to Cape Canaveral for launch. A Boeing photo.

EL SEGUNDO, CALIFORNIA (BNS): Boeing said the fourth Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) satellite the company is delivering to the US Air Force has successfully completed prelaunch testing and is ready for launch.

WGS-4, the first spacecraft in the program's upgraded Block II series, is scheduled to launch at 7:38 p.m. Eastern time on Thursday aboard a United Launch Alliance Delta IV vehicle from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida.

The Block II satellites (WGS 4-6) add a switchable radio frequency bypass that supports the transmission of airborne intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance imagery at data rates approximately three times greater than those currently available on Block I satellites.

"This launch will be another important step in advancing communications capabilities for US warfighters and allies around the world," said Craig Cooning, vice president and general manager of Boeing Space & Intelligence Systems.

"When it enters service, WGS-4 will join three other WGS satellites that deliver critical communications to help warfighters execute missions with greater safety and efficiency."

Boeing built and tested the WGS-4 spacecraft at its manufacturing facility in El Segundo. Upon arrival at Cape Canaveral on November 15, the satellite was moved into a processing facility to complete a series of prelaunch tests that validated the satellite's operational readiness, including its ability to communicate with the ground control segment and launch site.

Boeing has delivered three WGS satellites and is under contract for six more, including WGS-4.


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