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Vietnam to get first Kilo class submarine from Russia in 2013

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LANGKAWI, MALAYSIA (BNS): Vietnam will be receiving the first of six Varshavyanka class (Project 636M) diesel-electric submarines from Russia in 2013.

"The first vessel is undergoing sea trials. It will be delivered to Vietnam this year," Rubin design bureau general director Igor Vilnit was quoted as saying by RIA Novosti.

Vietnam ordered a fleet of six Russian-made submarines in 2009. The contract, which also stipulates the training of Vietnamese submarine crews in Russia, is reportedly worth $2 billion.

The Varshavyanka class is an improved version of the Kilo class submarines, featuring advanced stealth technology, extended combat range and ability to strike land, surface and underwater targets.

The submarines are being built at the Admiralteiskie Verfi shipyard in St. Petersburg. All six boats are due for delivery by 2016, the news report added.

The submarines feature 533-milimeter torpedo tubes and are armed with torpedos, mines, and Kalibr 3M54 (NATO SS-N-27 Sizzler) cruise missiles.


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