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Vice President Dhankhar advocates tech advancements in defence land management

NEW DELHI (PTI): Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar on Monday underscored the critical importance of readiness and technological integration in defence land management, emphasizing "the best way of defence is to be ever prepared for war".

Speaking to the Officer Trainees of the 2023 batch of the Indian Defence Estates Service at the Vice-President’s Enclave, Dhankhar stressed the necessity of leveraging advanced technology to manage defence lands effectively.

He highlighted the challenges faced in managing these lands, including encroachments and legal disputes, and advocated for a proactive approach using modern tools.

Dhankhar pointed out that technology can play a pivotal role in monitoring defence lands, allowing for swift identification and resolution of any incursions.

“The best way of defence is to be ever prepared for war. Using technology for the management of defence lands will enable you to monitor any incursion and take swift remedial action in a resolute manner," he said.

The Vice President also called for structuring litigation handling to address these issues efficiently.

He reminded the young officers that defence lands are vital for national security and must be managed with the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct.

Dhankhar urged the trainees to set an example for others and to work tirelessly towards building a "Viksit Bharat" (Developed India) by 2047.

In his address, the Vice President also emphasized the importance of environmental stewardship within cantonment areas.

He advocated for the promotion of herbal plantations and horticulture to benefit the society at large.

Dhankhar encouraged the officers to ensure the cantonment areas serve as models of cleanliness, greenery and civic amenities for other municipalities to follow.

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