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Ukrainian engines to modernise Russian UAV

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MOSCOW (BNS): Russia’s Vega Radio Engineering Corporation is planning to equip Ukrainian-made engines for Russian unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), according to a Russian news agency.

Vega is discussing the issue with Ukraine based company Motor Sich for the modernisation of Russian UAV.

"We are lagging behind on such vehicles, “RIA Novosti quoted Vega CEO Vladimir Verba as saying.

“First of all, there is a shortfall in engines,” he added.

"The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) is "happy" with the quality of home-made UAVs, while not ruling out that the Defense Ministry may buy UAVs abroad," Verba said.

According to various estimates, the Russian military needs up to 100 UAVs and at least 10 guidance systems to ensure effective battlefield reconnaissance.

Russia has received a two Bird Eye 400 systems (worth $4 million), eight I View MK150 tactical UAVs ($37 million) and two Searcher Mk II multi-mission UAVs ($12 million), from Israel under a $50 million contract signed in April 2009.

Russia has also purchased 36 UAVs from Israel, for $100 million. The delivery of the vehicles is scheduled by the end of 2010.

Israel and Russia are currently negotiating the establishment of a $300 million joint venture to develop and produce UAVs in Russia.

After August 2008 war with Georgia, which had widely used Israeli drones made by Elbit Systems, the Russian military had felt the lack of reliable intelligence for effective use of smart weapons although a range of indigenously developed UAVs were used by it.


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