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Ukraine, Peru test Tifon-2 tanks

A prototype of the Tifon 2 main battle tank, essentially an upgrade of the Soviet T-55, at the Morozov Machinery Design Bureau facility in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Photo: Morozov

NEWTOWN, CONNECTICUT (BNS): Ukraine and Peru have begun the test-trials of Tifon-2 tanks which include obstacle testing, mobility and speed, according to a media report.

The next phase of tests will cover weapons firings.

The Morozov Machinery Design Bureau in Kharkiv, Ukraine and Casanave (DISCA) in Peru have jointly developed the Tifon-2 tanks.

According to the reports, the Tiffon-2 tanks are based on the T-55 and T-55ATM tanks.

The tanks are powered by a 1,050-hp 5TDFMA engine and have a top speed of 55 km/h. It will be armed with a 125mm KBM-1M with an automatic loader and come equipped with a computerised fire control system.

Peru intends to replace its 300 T-55 tanks with the new Tifon-2, it said.


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