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USS Missouri submarine completes first voyage

USS Missouri submarine. A file photo.

GROTON (BNS): USS Submarine Missouri (SSN-780) has returned to the Electric Boat shipyard after successfully completing its first voyage in open seas, called alpha sea trials.

Missouri (SSN-780) is the seventh Virginia-class attack submarine of the United States Navy.

Under the alpha sea trials, Missouri was tested in a range of submarine and propulsion-plant operations. The ship was allowed to move in high-speed over and below the surface, to demonstrate the mission capability of its propulsion system.

The sea trials were directed by US Navy Adm. Kirkland Donald, director – Naval Nuclear Propulsion. Many other officers’, commander, Captain also participated in the sea trials of Missouri.

"It was a superb effort by everyone involved, and reflects the commitment of the US Navy/industry team to sustain the success of the Virginia-class submarine programme. I deeply appreciate the contributions made by the Navy personnel, shipbuilders and suppliers who made it happen," Electric Boat President John P. Casey, said in a company news release.

Over 18 submarines building contract has been given to Electric Boat and its major sub-contractor, Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding for a planned 30-ship Virginia Class. Under the contract, the construction will be done in two shipyards.


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