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USS Blue Ridge arrives for Victory Day celebrations

USS Blue Ridge

VLADIVOSTOK (BNS): The US Navy's Seventh Fleet command ship USS Blue Ridge arrive in Vladivostok on Friday to take part in festivities dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the Allied victory in the World War II.

Seventh Fleet Commander, Vice Adm. John M. Bird who also arrived in Vladivostok will attend the Victory Day celebrations.

RIA Novosti quoting a spokesman for the US Consulate-General in Russia's Far East said, the Blue Ridge crew would take part in a military parade in downtown Vladivostok to symbolize the allied relations between the United States and Russia during the Second World War.

The cultural agenda of the visit includes a "culinary duel" between the US and Russian sailors, a number of sport events, and visits to local schools and children's hospitals.

The world famous Seventh Fleet Band will perform several concerts at various events and on the streets of Vladivostok.

Blue Ridge provides the capability for seagoing command and control of theater level forces by naval and joint commanders during peacetime or conflict, and provides naval support for U.S. diplomatic initiatives and objectives, according to the report.

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