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US, Russia and Norway hold joint naval drill

The 'Northern Eagle' exercise was held in Arctic three times (in 2004, 2006, and 2008). Permanent participants are Russian and the US navies. In 2012, Norway will dispatch a frigate to the exercise for the first time.

MOSCOW (ITAR-TASS): Naval forces of Russia, United States and Norway will jointly conduct a five-day drill in the waters of Norwegian Sea to enhance their skills in combating terrorism, piracy and rescue operations.

The drill -- 'Northern Eagle 2012' -- would begin on Tuesday and will continue till August 25.

Taking part in the manoeuvres would be Russian Northern Fleet's Admiral Chabanenko destroyer, the Norwegian Coast Guard frigate 'Nordkapp' and guided weapons destroyer of the US Navy - 'USS Farragut', a spokesman for the RF Northern Fleet Captain 1st Rank Vadim Serga said.

The Russian participants arrived at the Norwegian port of Bodo on August 18 where they met with their foreign counterparts and discussed the plan of the upcoming manoeuvres, he said.

"By prior arrangement, the naval aviation crews of the RF Northern Fleet and the Norwegian Air Force will be engaged during the Northern Eagle 2012 exercise.

"Search operation with the participation of the Marines will be conducted and a firing exercise from artillery systems and small arms will be held," Serga said.


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