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US Navy's EMALS successfully launches E-2D Advanced Hawkeye

An E-2D Advanced Hawkeye was launched successfully using the electromagnetic aircraft launch system (EMALS). Photo: US Navy.

LAKEHURST (BNS): An E-2D Advanced Hawkeye was launched successfully by the US Navy's Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System, EMALS on Wednesday.

According to US Navy, EMALS is the launch system of choice for all future Ford-class aircraft carriers beginning with the USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78).

EMALS uses stored kinetic energy and solid-state electrical power conversion. The system will also provide the capability for launching all current and future carrier air wing platforms - lightweight unmanned to heavy strike fighters.

The E-2D provides broad-area coverage resulting in a wider range of capabilities and an enhanced ability to work in the littoral and over land.

In addition to testing the E-2D as part of the ongoing aircraft compatibility test phase, the EMALS programme has also launched an F/A-18E Super Hornet, T-45 Goshawk and C-2A Greyhound, with 63 to 65 launches planned for each aircraft type.

The system functional demonstration will continue till late 2011, the second phase of aircraft compatibility testing is scheduled to begin next year, it said.

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