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US Navy to christen Littoral Combat Ship Fort Worth

Littoral Combat Ship Fort Worth under construction in Marinette.

WASHINGTON (BNS): US Navy will christen littoral combat ship (LCS) Fort Worth at Marinette Marine Corporation shipyard in Marinette, Wisconsin on December 4.

The ship's name recognises the city of Fort Worth, Texas.

The principal address at the ceremony will be delivered by Former Deputy Defence Secretary Gordon England.

Designated LCS 3, Fort Worth is an innovative combatant designed to operate quickly in shallow water environments to counter challenging threats in coastal regions, specifically mines, submarines and fast-surface craft.

It is capable of speeds in excess of 40 knots and can operate in water less than 20 feet deep. Fort Worth will address a critical capabilities gap in the littorals.

The LCS is a fast, agile and high-technology surface combatant. It will serve to enhance maritime security by deterring hostility in troubled waters, maintaining a forward presence and by its ability to project power and maintain sea control.

Fort Worth will be a platform for the launch and recovery of manned and unmanned vehicles. Its modular design will support interchangeable mission packages, which will allow the ship to be reconfigured for antisubmarine warfare, mine countermeasures or surface warfare missions.

The “new-breed” warship will be capable of open-ocean operations but optimized for littoral or coastal missions. The ship will be 378 feet in length, have a waterline beam of 57 feet, displace approximately 3,000 tons of water.

It will join LCS 1 USS Freedom (also built by Lockheed), and LCS 2 USS Independence.


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